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North Port

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  1. Welcome To North Port, Florida
  2. Living in North Port, Overview of the North Port, Florida Real Estate Market
  3. Homes For Sale
  4. Notable Neighborhoods
  5. Overview Living in North Port, Florida
  6. Outdoor Activities
  7. Navigate the North Port, Florida Real Estate Market with Gulf Coast Integrity Group

North Port

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, North Port, Florida, is about 30 miles south of Sarasota and 60 miles south of Tampa. Sarasota borders the city to the north, Venice to the south, and Charlotte Harbor to the west. It is a popular location for retirees, young professionals, and families, offering a variety of amenities and activities, such as beautiful beaches, miles of hiking and biking trails, golf courses, shopping centers, restaurants, museums, and events for all ages.

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This city in Sarasota County is home to large-scale residential subdivisions and an extensive network of streets. Here, we'll take a closer look at living in North Port and the real estate market in the area to help you make an informed decision about investing in North Port. It may be the ideal place for you to make a home.

Welcome to North Port, Florida

Originally called North Port Charlotte, the city was incorporated in 1959, but in 1974, the residents approved changing the name to just North Port to declare it as a separate city. Today North Port is the second-fastest growing city in Florida, with a population of more than 80,000 people and more than 28,000 households.

North Port covers a total area of 104.16 square miles, with 99.58 square miles being land and 4.58 square miles of water. It has more than 26 parks and open spaces and is the only city in Florida with an entire state forest inside its city limits, the 8,000-acre Myakka State Forest. The Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, a 168-acre heavily wooded park, is located in North Port.

Living in North Port

Overview of the North Port, Florida real estate market

The median home listing price in North Port in July 2023 was $409,900, and the median sold home price was $387,000. The city saw a strong surge in house prices from mid-2021 to August 2022, when the median price of a home reached a high of $402,000.

The increase in interest rates throughout 2022 has not negatively impacted the North Port real estate market as much as other areas in the US. Prices have slightly dipped as the market corrected itself in the latter part of 2022, but since February 2023, there has been constant appreciation in the value of homes.

The North Port, Florida, real estate market is hot due to many factors, including the city's proximity to Sarasota and Tampa, its affordability, and its growing job market. Real estate prices in North Port have generally been more affordable compared to nearby, busier cities like Sarasota and Venice. However, prices have also been rising as the city continues to grow.

For investors and homebuyers, the best time to enter the market is as soon as they can. Prices as of mid-2023 are still in the early flushes of recovery since the rise in interest rates and homes have yet to appreciate to the levels found in nearby cities. The market is still just about a buyers market allowing buyers and investors more room to negotiate. All this could change as more people take advantage of favorable conditions in North Port for buyers and investors.

Homes For Sale

Common property types

The city offers a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and condos, with a wide range of prices to accommodate different budgets. The average home in North Port has three bedrooms, but there are also one-bedroom up to five-bedroom houses.

  • Single-family and luxury homes
    Single-family homes for sale in North Port, Florida, range from modest to larger and more upscale properties. These homes typically come with their own plot of land and come in various architectural styles.
  • Townhouses and Condos
    Other types of residential properties you will find in North Port are townhomes and condos. Townhouses are attached or semi-attached units with multiple floors and often feature shared walls and may include amenities like community pools or recreational areas. Condos in the area can be a more affordable option for those seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle.
  • Vacant land
    Looking for a plot of land you can invest in or on which to build a new construction home? North Port has available vacant land that allows you to purchase and build your custom property, providing you flexibility in terms of design and construction.
  • Retirement communities
    As a popular destination for retirees, North Port has several retirement communities catering to the needs of older adults and retirees. These communities often offer amenities and services tailored to an active retirement lifestyle.

Popular architectural styles

In North Port, you can find a mix of architectural styles that reflect the history and diverse preferences of homeowners in the city.

  • Mediterranean
    Mediterranean-style homes are common in Florida, including North Port. They often feature stucco exteriors, low-pitched tile roofs, arched windows and doorways, and decorative accents like wrought iron details and balconies.
  • Ranch
    Florida home
    Ranch-style homes are known for their single-story design, open floor plans, and low-pitched roofs. They typically have a simple and unadorned exterior, with a focus on functionality and easy access to outdoor spaces.
  • Contemporary
    Contemporary or modern-style homes in North Port are characterized by their sleek and minimalist design. They typically feature clean lines, large windows, and open floor plans and highlight natural light and integration with the outdoor environment.
  • Florida Cracker

    Florida Cracker-style homes have a historical significance in the region. They feature wood siding, metal roofs, wide porches, and raised foundations. These types of homes often have a charming and nostalgic feel, inspired by the traditional architecture of early Florida settlers.

  • Colonial
    Colonial-style homes in North Port are influenced by the architectural styles of the American colonial period and often feature symmetrical facades, two or three-stories, multi-pane windows, and prominent front entrances with columns or a portico.
  • Key West
    Key West-style homes are inspired by the architecture found in the Florida Keys and are occasionally seen in North Port. These homes often have colorful exteriors, metal roofs, large porches, and louvered shutters, reflecting a relaxed and tropical aesthetic.

Notable neighborhoods

North Port is the 42nd largest community in Florida and has 18 constituent neighborhoods. Each neighborhood in North Port, Florida, offers distinct features and amenities. Here are some notable areas.

  • Heron Creek
    This gated golf community is known for its beautiful homes and pristine golf courses. It offers a variety of housing options, including single-family homes and villas. The neighborhood features a clubhouse, fitness center, tennis courts, and a community pool.
  • Bobcat Trail
    Another gated golf community, Bobcat Trail features an 18-hole golf course, clubhouse, community pool, and tennis courts. The neighborhood offers a mix of single-family homes and maintenance-free villas.
  • North Port Estates
    This expansive neighborhood provides a rural and spacious living environment. The area consists of large lots, allowing for privacy and a more secluded lifestyle. This area is perfect for those looking for a more tranquil home setting.
  • Port Charlotte Subdivisions
    While technically part of Charlotte County, some subdivisions in Port Charlotte, adjacent to North Port, are worth consideration. Some popular subdivisions here include South Gulf Cove, Riverwood, and Deep Creek, which offer a variety of housing options, waterfront properties, and access to amenities like golf courses, parks, and community centers.


Living in North Port, Florida

Residents in North Port enjoy a strong sense of community and actively engage in local events and activities. The city organizes various community events, such as festivals, parades, and farmer's markets, providing opportunities for residents to connect and socialize.

North Port offers a variety of recreational programs and sports leagues for residents of all ages. These programs include youth sports, adult leagues, fitness classes, and cultural activities. The city's parks and recreation department keeps residents updated on events and activities throughout the year.

The city also has programs tailored to its active adult population. The North Port Senior Center organizes a range of activities, classes, and social opportunities for older adults. The center is a resource and location for health and wellness programs, educational seminars, and social outings.

North Port encourages community involvement through volunteer opportunities. Residents can participate in local initiatives, such as environmental conservation efforts, community clean-ups, and support local charities.

Dining and shopping

North Port offers a variety of dining and shopping options that cater to every resident and visitor's needs. Whatever you are in the mood for, you can find it in the city.

  • Local Eateries

    The city has a range of local restaurants and eateries offering diverse cuisines. Whether you are looking for seafood, Italian, Mexican, Asian, or American dishes, you can find an array of options. Some popular local dining spots in North Port include Bocca Lupo, Wings and Rings, and Pink Tequila.

  • Chain restaurants, cafes, bakeries

    North Port is also home to several national chain restaurants that offer familiar menus and dining experiences. These include chains like Chili's, Applebees, Outback Steakhouse, and Cracker Barrel. If you are looking for a quick bite, North Port has various cafes and bakeries where you can enjoy coffee, sandwiches, pastries, and desserts.

  • Cocoplum Village Shops

    This is a popular outdoor shopping center in North Port, and home to a variety of retail stores, restaurants, and services, including supermarkets, pharmacies, clothing stores, and specialty shops.

  • Toledo Blade Plaza

    This shopping destination offers a mix of national retailers, local businesses, and restaurants. You can find grocery stores, home improvement stores, pet supply shops, and more in this plaza.

  • North Port Commons

    This shopping center has a selection of retailers, including discount stores, home decor shops, and restaurants.

  • Local boutiques

    North Port is home to several local boutiques and specialty stores that offer unique items, clothing, accessories, and gifts. These boutiques provide a more personalized and distinct shopping experience.

  • Farmers markets

    The city has wonderful farmers markets where you can find fresh produce, local goods, and artisanal products. These markets are a great way for residents to support local vendors, socialize, and catch up with each other.

Outdoor Activities

Additionally, neighboring cities like Sarasota and Port Charlotte offer alternative shopping and dining options within a short driving distance from North Port.

Things to do in North Port, FL

North Port is known for its abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. The city is home to numerous parks, nature preserves, and waterways where residents can enjoy activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, and fishing. The Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park and the North Port Aquatic Center are popular destinations.

  • Warm Mineral Springs
    The Warm Mineral Springs is a natural spring that attracts visitors seeking its reputed healing and rejuvenating properties. Here, visitors enjoy swimming, relaxation, and wellness activities.
  • Arts and sports activities
    North Port Performing Arts Center hosts musical performances, off-Broadway shows, and symphony concerts. With a seating capacity of 1,000, performances always feel more alive and intimate.
    The city is home to the Atlanta Braves Spring Training facility and the Cool Today Park which hosts basketball games and outdoor concerts, among other events.
  • Parks
    The Atwater Community Park has a water area that provides fun activities for the whole family, including a splash pad that kids will love. To the south of North Port, there is the Myakka State Forest, where visitors can hike and camp. The Myakka River allows opportunities for fishing and kayaking. Other notable parks to visit include the North Port Regional Park, The Legacy Trail, and Whitaker Bayou Park.
  • Golf courses
    Florida home
    Heron Creek is one of the highest-rated golf courses in Florida and features top training facilities. It offers different challenges for golfers of all skill levels. Other golf courses of note include The Preserve at Pelican Marsh, and The Concession Golf Club.

Education in North Port

The Sarasota County School District operates schools within the city, providing quality education to residents. Additionally, the North Port Public Library offers resources, educational programs, and events for all ages. These are some schools that are popular with families in the city.

  • Atwater Elementary School
  • Cranberry Elementary School
  • Glenallen Elementary School
  • Toledo Blade Elementary School
  • Heron Creek Middle School
  • Woodland Middle School
  • Imagine School at North Port
  • North Port High School
  • Suncoast Technical College

Navigate the North Port, Florida real estate market with Gulf Coast Integrity Group

Whether you’re a seasoned buyer looking for a luxury or a holiday home, or a first-time homebuyer, there is something for you here. The city is a great place to live, work, and raise a family and offers a variety of housing options and a relatively low cost of living.

Partnering with a reliable and experienced realtor can greatly assist you in navigating the local North Port, Florida, real estate market. Our team at Gulf Coast Integrity Group specializes in real estate services in North Port and the surrounding areas. With our in-depth knowledge of the local market and dedication to client satisfaction, we can provide valuable guidance and support throughout your buying or selling journey.

Reach out to Gulf Coast Integrity Group, and we will be glad to provide you with personalized assistance to help you achieve your real estate goals. Take the first step by calling 941.626.4518 or 941.539.3746. You can also send us an email here. We’d love to hear from you.

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