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Nestled along the Florida Gulf, Nokomis is a small triangle-shaped beach town that offers spectacular natural views and a slower pace, perfect for those who love a tranquil and laid back lifestyle.

Interested in calling this beautiful community home? This guide has everything you need to know about Nokomis, FL including insights into homes for sale in the area.



Nokomis is located in Sarasota County, between the cities of Sarasota in the north and Venice in the south. It is within 28 miles of Englewood, Laurel, North Port, Bayshore Gardens, and Punta Gorda. Saint Petersburg is approximately 46 miles away, while Tampa and Orlando are around 57 miles and 118 miles away respectively. 

What it is known for

In Nokomis, the unofficial slogan is “No shirt, no shoes, Nokomis!” — and for good reason.

This waterfront community boasts some of the most beautiful beaches along the Gulf, which are less crowded than other popular beaches in the area. This gives residents and visitors almost exclusive access to miles of gorgeous shoreline and a slew of water-based activities such as fishing and surfing.

Nokomis is also known for the Nokomis Drum Circle, an informal gathering of drummers and music lovers near the lifeguard tower on Nokomis Beach. A family-friendly event held every Wednesday and Saturday night, it brings people of all ages together in a rhythmic celebration.

Nokomis quick facts 

  • Total area: 2.29 square miles
  • Land area: 1.95 square miles
  • Population: 3,481 (as of 2023)
  • Distance from nearest cities/communities: 
    • Sarasota (28 miles)
    • Venice (28 miles)
    • Englewood (28 miles)
    • Laurel (28 miles)
    • North Port (28 miles)
    • Bayshore Gardens (28 miles)
    • Punta Gorda (28 miles)
    • Saint Petersburg (46 miles)
    • Tampa (57 miles)
    • Orlando (118 miles)

Brief history 

Nokomis was first inhabited by Native Americans, whose legacy still remains evident in many parts of the town. They were followed by Spanish explorers who propped up a few settlements in the 16th century.

With the arrival of the railroad in the late 1800s, the community saw greater development and population growth. Farms and ranches were established, and the number of settlers kept rising.

A post office from nearby Venice was moved to the area in 1917 and was named Nakomis. Within the same year, an orthopedic surgeon by the name of Dr. Fred Albee purchased 112 acres of land which was eventually developed into the Nokomis Subdivision. Together with Ellis W. Nash, Dr. Albee subdivided the property into 130 lots, separated by streets branching out from the new asphalt highway that was to become US 41, as well as two inner avenue circles.

The town soon gained a reputation as a destination for those seeking Florida warmth and sunshine, leading to a population boom. Today, while still relatively quiet, Nakomis is a thriving laidback community perfect for anyone seeking a beautiful forever home with their family.


One of the best things about Nokomis, Florida real estate is the steady appreciation rate over the years. In the last decade, homes in the town have appreciated by nearly 188%, or an average annual rate of 11.15%.

Going further back to 2000, the community has logged a total appreciation rate of 268.59%, with an average annual rate of appreciation of nearly 6%.

This means homebuyers can expect good returns in the long term. And when you partner with a reliable real estate agent in Nokomis, FL, you’ll have better assurance that you will be placing your money on the right property with potential for value appreciation. 

Property types and architectural styles

The vast majority of homes for sale in Nokomis, FL are single-family homes, but you will also find some condos and townhomes. Many of these properties were built between 1970 and 1999, as well as between 1940 and 1969. A good number of houses were constructed in the 2000s as well. 

The varying ages of homes give Nokomis neighborhoods plenty of charm and character, with a wide variety of architectural styles that reflect the changing trends through different eras.

Mediterranean-style houses abound in the community. Perfect for Florida’s sunny weather, this architectural style features warm-toned materials such as terracotta and brick, as well as the incorporation of stone and metal into house elements like balconies, and archways. 

Contemporary architecture is also popular. Characterized by expansive glazed windows, open floor layouts, and streamlined aesthetics, these homes are great for catching the famed Gulf sunsets and the surrounding vista of Nokomis.

You’ll also find Key West architecture in Nokomis. As most homes were built in earlier eras, many of the structures in this beach town come with large, wraparound verandas, bright exteriors, and decorative shutters. 

Popular home features

The most luxurious homes in Nokomis boast seamless outdoor-indoor living, with such features as verandas and porches,  swimming pools, patios, and manicured lawns. 

Waterfront homes are among the most sought after properties in Nokomis, FL, offering stunning views and convenient access to the water. Many come with a private dock and boat launch, so homeowners can sail straight from their homes to the open sea. 

Golf course homes are also highly popular in Nokomis. Properties near Venetian Golf and River Club, Calusa Lakes golf course, Mission Valley Golf and Country Club, and other golf clubs in the area are often in high demand. 

Equestrian homes make up part of the housing mix as well. You’ll find acreage properties with ample space and facilities to raise horses, as well as easy access to nearby riding trails.

Top neighborhoods

Nokomis is home to outstanding neighborhoods that offer the highest quality of life. The top choices include:

Calusa Lakes

Sitting on 460 acres, Calusa Lakes is a gated community with nearly 600 single-family homes set against a backdrop of lush greenery and 28 lakes. With the Calusa Lakes golf course nearby, residents are also treated to refreshing views of the surrounding lakes and fairways. 

Residents of Calusa Lakes have access to its namesake semi-private 18-hole golf course, as well as other amenities that include tennis courts and a slew of recreational activities. Living here means that you won’t ever have to venture far from your home to spend a memorable day with your loved ones.

Nokomis Beach

If you’re looking for waterfront homes for sale in Nokomis, FL, Nokomis Beach is among the best neighborhoods to consider. Living here, you will be within walking distance of the oldest public beach in Sarasota County. 

On the beach is the Nokomis Beach Plaza, which was built in the 1950s and continues to be among the most popular hangouts in the community. You’ll also find picnic areas, a boardwalk, a playground, a canoe or kayak launch, a boat ramp and dock, and a volleyball court.

If you enjoy fishing, Nokomis Beach also has a fishing pier. Or if you prefer wildlife or bird watching, all you need to do is find a spot, sit back, and enjoy.

Sorrento Woods

Sorrento Woods features single-family homes built on private wooded lots with a minimum area of 2,000 square feet, providing spectacular views of lush Florida fauna.

When it comes to amenities, you won’t get bored with the community’s 10-acre park, replete with a gazebo, a playground, and picnic areas. Additionally, it features a boat ramp and shared day dock, which leads to the Gulf of Mexico through the Shakett Creek. Calling this area home will also bring you within three miles of Nokomis Beach.

Talon Preserve on Palmer Ranch

For ultimate exclusivity, the resort-style community of Talon Preserve on Palmer Ranch is the perfect choice. In this neighborhood, every Nokomis property for sale is within walking distance of walking trails and nature preserves. Some homes even sit right next to lakes or ponds.

The community features amenities common to many upscale developments, such as a pool and a clubhouse, as well as a spa. With everything it has to offer, you won’t need to venture far from home to give yourself some pampering.


Getting around

Most Nokomis residents drive to get around, but public transportation options are also available.

Nokomis is served by buses operated by the Sarasota County Area Transit or SCAT. You can also opt for cabs and ride-sharing services in the area. For the fitness conscious, you can bike or walk to your destination through the many pedestrian paths in the town. 


Nokomis is served by several public and private schools, including Laurel Nokomis School, which belongs to the Sarasota County Schools school district and is the only public school in Sarasota County that offers Kindergarten to Grade 8 curriculum. It ranks in the Top Ten schools throughout Florida. 

Parents may also choose to send their kids to private schools such as European Academy of Early Education, and The Study Center.

You can also consider other schools in Sarasota County that are near Nokomis including:

Leisure and entertainment

When it comes to leisure and entertainment, Nokomis offers numerous options, especially with its location close to the best beaches and major destinations in the area. You’ll find fantastic places for dining, shopping, and entertainment both within the town or just a short drive away.


While it is a small town, Nokomis does not run short of great restaurants; and foremost on the list is Pop’s Sunset Grill. Winner of the 2023 Herald-Tribune Readers’ Choice for Best Outdoor Restaurant, this local staple mixes a waterfront location with delicious fresh seafood.

If you’re looking for healthy fare, the place to go is Cafe Evergreen. You can feast on a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes made with locally-grown and locally-sourced ingredients. This place is also the only place in the world where you can order a kefir mojito. 

For some of the best Caribbean food and sunset views in the area, check out NoKoMo’s Sunset Hut. This tiki hut waterfront bar and restaurant can be accessed by boat and has a dock where you can park your watercraft. The fun outdoor seating is perfect for sunset watching while sipping on handcrafted cocktails and enjoying hearty island cuisine. 

Other dining options you can explore include:


The top retail destination in Nokomis is Windflight Surf Shop, where you can find all the beach and surf accessories you need. Stocking a wide array of items from several brands, it’s the one-stop shop you need to equip yourself and your family for a fun day at the beach.

For something artsy, you can traipse on to The Cottage Art Gallery. A local jewel, this shop offers trinkets and creations by Nokomis’ very own artists.

Other shopping options include:

  • Fish Tales and Tackle
  • The Nokomis Arts Market; and
  • Laurel Liquors and More

Attractions and Outdoor Recreation

Nokomis offers a wide range of activities and destinations that the entire family can enjoy. 

There’s the Legacy Trail, which is accessible from Nokomis via the Nokomis Community Park. This 18.5-mile trail connects Venice to Sarasota and features breathtaking scenic views at various points. And as the county has typically flat terrain, it’s perfect for beginners to explore.

The North Jetty in Nokomis is also a popular haunt. Here, you can lounge about by the sand while looking out for dolphins or swim to your heart’s content and catch the magnificent sunset.

Of course, you shouldn’t miss Nokomis Beach Park. As the oldest public park in Sarasota County, it has cemented a reputation for being one of the best places to visit, with its array of amenities and activities. This park has everything for everyone, whether you’re into fishing, volleyball, kayaking, or birding. There are also picnic stations if you just want to relax and take it slow.

Similarly, you can go to the Nokomis Community Park. Also a waterfront venue, this park is great for parents looking for a child-friendly hangout that offers plenty of fun activities. At the same time, adults will also have the time of their lives with the park’s facilities for basketball, outdoor fitness, bicycling, hiking, volleyball, and pickleball. Plus it’s dog-friendly!

Other attractions

The Drum Circle at Nokomis Beach is a weekly hangout that attracts people of all ages. This gathering of drummers and music lovers is one of the best ways to de-stress and relax as you escape to the hypnotic beat of the drums, surrounded by the pristine white sands and turquoise waters of Nokomis Beach.


Ready to find the perfect property in the Nokomis, Florida real estate market and be part of this community? Make the Gulf Coast Integrity Group your top choice for expert guidance to the local real estate market. 

Harnessing years of experience in various fields, the Gulf Coast Integrity Group leverages a unique set of skills to guide you toward the best home in Nokomis. As your trusted team of Realtors, we make sure that you have access to the best listings that meet your goals and budget, as well as professional help in filtering your options and finding the most suitable property for your family.

We will guide you through every step of the process including in making an offer that the seller won’t be able to ignore, and complying with the legal and technical requirements of buying property in Florida

We use our extensive local knowledge to help you navigate the entire process. We understand that your new home is not just a financial asset but an essential element to building the best life for you and your family. 

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